Monday, November 17, 2008

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Azymuth Live in L.A.

Jose Roberto Bertrami (Teclados), Alex Malheiros (Baixo), Ivan Conti aka Mamao (Bateria)

Alex, Mamao, Allen, (ghostly image in back is Derf Reklaw who just got to the party) and Bertrami

Marcelo D2, Alex, Chris, Bertrami

A brief excerpt from the show. This song is "Jazz Carnival"

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sisters Love from "The Mack" & "Soul Train"

A ten-minute section from "The Mack" starting with The Sisters Love performing "Now Is the Time." Keep watching for some great dialogue about pimping and to see where Dave Chapelle copped his idea for "The Player Hater's Ball."

"(I Could Never Make) A Better Man Than You"

"Give Me Your Love"

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Elis Regina - Ladeira da PreguiƧa

This is one of my favorite songs at the moment and I first really "listened" to it from this wonderful DVD put out by Trama in Brazil. When this is back in stock you can find it at Dustygroove. Having bought three of these Trama DVDs, this one is by far my favorite. Many of the other ones are from the 1990s, where this one was recorded right when her "Elis" album was coming out and featured many song from this album as well as the previous albums.

I also recommend the Cartola video, but here the director gets a bit too artistic for my tastes with many extremely shadowy extended shots of Cartola's hands or a box of matches used for percussion. And then there is the Tim Maia DVD, for Tim Maia diehard fans only. It's from 1992 and is logically the only one that Dustygroove has in stock. It's funny if only for Tim's meandering rants in between songs. Throughout most of it he looks like a besequined blimp over-singing every song he's every sung with a lot of slap-bass in the background.

Scoot on over to Soul Spectrum to listen to and download the MP3 of this song . . .

and as a bonus because I mentioned it over on SS, the video of the recording session for "Aguas de Marco"

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"That's the Way of the World" Clips

The following three clips are from the 1975 feature film "That's the Way of the World." At this point the Earth, Wind & Fire soundtrack to the film is better known than the actual movie, which was out of print until recently (yours truly picked up a VHS copy off of eBay a few years back).

Actually, I had the EWF album for awhile before I noticed that it was a soundtrack to a movie. Then it was a few more years before I got my hands on the movie. It's not great, but it is interesting to see the recording industry portrayed in 1975 at the peak of its excesses. The movie follows Harvey Keitel, a producer, who is hoping to break his pet project, "The Group" (EWF), but instead gets saddled with producing a lame-O vocal group in the mode of the Carpenters, but far less musically interesting. Their song sounds like a demo for the Ren & Stimpy "Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy" song of many years later.

I have three clips here. The first is the title credits where "The Group" are tuning up and then recording the title song in the studio. The second clip is of "The Pages" song which is not so good but I like how the director, Sig Shore of "Superfly" fame, films the recording session to give the viewer a sense of how songs were recorded and produced. The final clip is of EWF playing at a roller disco. The sound and picture are a bit murky, but when else are you personally gonna see EWF performing at your nearest roller disco.