Thursday, February 14, 2008

Elis Regina - Ladeira da PreguiƧa

This is one of my favorite songs at the moment and I first really "listened" to it from this wonderful DVD put out by Trama in Brazil. When this is back in stock you can find it at Dustygroove. Having bought three of these Trama DVDs, this one is by far my favorite. Many of the other ones are from the 1990s, where this one was recorded right when her "Elis" album was coming out and featured many song from this album as well as the previous albums.

I also recommend the Cartola video, but here the director gets a bit too artistic for my tastes with many extremely shadowy extended shots of Cartola's hands or a box of matches used for percussion. And then there is the Tim Maia DVD, for Tim Maia diehard fans only. It's from 1992 and is logically the only one that Dustygroove has in stock. It's funny if only for Tim's meandering rants in between songs. Throughout most of it he looks like a besequined blimp over-singing every song he's every sung with a lot of slap-bass in the background.

Scoot on over to Soul Spectrum to listen to and download the MP3 of this song . . .

and as a bonus because I mentioned it over on SS, the video of the recording session for "Aguas de Marco"