Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Roberto Carlos Videos - 1960s

This one's kinda long, but what a treat to see Rio from this vantage point and it almost looks like Roberto is actually piloting the helicopter. This is from his 1967/68? film "Roberto Carlos em Ritmo de Aventura" (Roberto Carlos in the Rhythm of Adventure). Ah, to be a teen idol in late 60s Rio de Janeiro!

It looks like this one is from the same film, but I'm not sure. I love the set on the roof a sky-scraper and Roberto's cape is sooo tight!

Really cool version from the movie (I'm guessing) "Roberto Carlos e Diamante Cor de Rosa" that includes a slightly different version of this song which was also on the S/T 1969 album.

A live, but poor quality television performance of "Nao Vou Ficar" from 1971.

My buddy Greg mentioned this tune as being from the above mentioned movie, but doesn't appear on the soundtrack. Here we have Roberto, Erasmo and Wanderlea cruising around in a jeep singing this song, which translates "I need to know how to live." I repeat, to be a teen idol in late 60s Rio de Janeiro!

A bizarre musical montage from one of Roberto's movies.