Thursday, December 6, 2007

You should be practicing these moves for Saturday Night

It was this movie and the occasional James Brown footage I would catch on VH1 or something that were formative to my "dance style," if you can call what I do a style. I was told by my significant other that I have a "goofy" dance, but then again an ex said that she thought I had a goofy dance until she saw some old James Brown footage and then she realized what I was doing. That's not to say that I dance like James Brown, but more like watching the "muppet babies" and thinking it was idiotic and then seeing the original "Muppet Show" and understanding how the muppet babies could exist. Goofy or not, Travolta has some serious moves in this clip that I have attempted to put in my repertoire in more drunken moments, such as the knee drop scoot across the floor move and the wipe the sweat off the brow move. Watch and learn.

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